"Shh... Everything's All Right"

The days my daughter isn't with me are the hardest. I'm glad I have a fair agreement with her dad because some parents keep their kids away from the other parent for petty, selfish reasons. It takes a special kind of disgusting person to do a thing like that. Because even with a fair agreement, it's hard to be without my baby.

Sometimes my heart aches for the past when she and I lived in the same house all the time, and it was sunny, but that is an illusion. It was only part of the equation. When I listen to my heart... Sometimes I ask it questions. Sometimes I can't put it into words, I just feel it... The feeling of having been alone for so long. So many years. They stretch out and I see them there like a grey desert, with black cracks. They make me cry and feel tired. Sometimes my heart says a lot of words to comfort me, and to remind me to have faith.

But today she just whispered, "Shh... It's okay. Shhhhh... It's okay... You're okay... Shhhhh... Everything's okay. Everything's okay. Shhhhh... Shhhhh... Shhhhhhhh... You're okay, honey. You're okay."


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