Oracle of Laugardal

Prophecy is my gift of the Spirit.

The medicine helps when

the three-dimensional world is too flat for me.

Staring at the ceiling, colors converging on a single point.

Something is coming.

Staring up at the sky.

There's something there, it's big.

Familiar presence arrives behind me.

My waves are highly feminine, his waves are highly masculine.

The sky...

Is it orange? Is it blue?

What's happening?

We're among the few survivors.

What's going to happen?

The space between collapses.

Is what I'm seeing a metaphor?

Or will it really..?

There's danger, but are we the only ones who see it?

Staring at the sky...

Something dire...

And then it's time. 

Something's going to happen.

Reality folds, the space between collapses.

We're among the lone survivors. 

It might be a metaphor.

The sky is orange. 

When the time comes, you'll be there.

Two in one.

One in two.

Just when you think it's all over...

The old stories are true.

The ones who live are predetermined.

The world begins anew.


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