Dust off your crown chakra

I took a workshop with one of my old clairvoyant teachers from my days in Californ-i-ay last night and I'm back, babies, and feeling much better. I've got one more with her all evening Saturday and I'm excited about that one too. But I barely slept last night after class so I need to remember to ask her how to wind down after being in that heightened state. I think I got one hour of sleep last night, no joke. 

I'm about to start applying for schools for the autumn semester and I'm excited about that but it all revolves around bringing together getting in and lining up the finances. So I'll keep it under my hat for a little while longer. I will just say that it's NOT teaching. I'm going to finish the school year here but I intend to go to school and then work at most very part time if necessary.

We'll see how it goes.

It's good to be back.


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