Clean as a whistle

Why do we say clean as a whistle? Like it goes in the human mouth, it's crawling with bacteria. I suppose the onus is on the owner of said whistle to clean it daily. But I digress...

I feel like I learned my limit after this weekend and the one day on two days off microdosing schedule is too much for my body and mind. I got what I needed out of these past couple of weeks and now it's time to stop for a while. I don't like not eating and being so out of it. I think it was telling me like, okay that's enough you're done. And I felt like I heard that message in my head at some point too. 

I don't think there is anything harmful in microdosing itself, but I've always been so sensitive to any substances that I think I reached my limit early. Maybe it can be something I do like once a month on the full moon, or just properly ceremonially trip a couple times a year instead. But for now I'm off the sauce. 

I'm very hungry.


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