Low-key need a hug

I'm so happy that my folks are in town, but I'm suddenly very aware that I am no longer a child and they are getting older. I feel the generation change happening, and it's hard. Tonight my sister said that I'm the matriarch now, and I'm not ready. This is the first time in a while that I kind of miss being married. Or at least in a stable relationship. Because it's mercury retrograde I want to take this opportunity to be clear that I do NOT want to reunite with my ex-husband and he does not want to with me either. I just miss having someone close who is not busy with their own family and job all the time who can sit with me at the end of a day like today and just listen and give me a hug. I feel like I'm not ready for this different energy and having to handle it on my own. I find myself wanting to gather my childhood friends for a discussion on this and a group hug. I miss having a tribe nearby. 


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