Keeping Track of Dreams and Visions

 (This won't be the first time I've started a post like this, and it won't be the last.)

I know this is going to sound weird, but oh well.

If you've got a little bit of a "wilderness prophet" streak in you, it might be time to start paying attention to your premonitions, hunches, dreams, etc. Might want to go ahead and start writing them down, and note the date and even the time if it feels significant as well. 

That's the guidance I received the other day. That things might be "kicking up a notch" around here and that my own hunches, premonitions, dreams and visions will begin to increase in frequency, and it would be a good idea to share the not-too-personal ones here so that others can see them. And so I can go back as a reference and see the dates that they happened, because you can't fake a time stamp on the internet. Well. I'm sure you can, but I don't know how. Not that I would. But anyway.

So I'm a little bit late posting these but I'll be better about it going forward. 

12/02/21 Dream

I got that message on Friday the 12th of February. That night I had a dream that I was inside a house here in Iceland between two big windows. The inside of the house was bright and airy. It didn't have any furniture that I noticed, but it had warm, light earth tones. Warm, honey-toned wood floors and matching ceiling. The walls were a warm but light earth tone, almost like sand colored. I looked out the window to my right, it was just light brown winter grass and Icelandic landscape in the distance and sky. I saw a blue jay flying right towards me and then over the roof of the house. There aren't any blue birds here so I was startled, and I turned to look out the window on my left to make sure I had really seen it. Out the window on my left was a scene of the part of town where I live. Not my exact street but the area closer to the sea. The bird sat on a light post and looked at me. It was, indeed, a blue jay. I smiled at it and said something like, "Oh, you're back, eh?" And the bird tilted its head and smiled back at me as if to say, "Yeah, I am." Blue jays can't smile so I guess it was more like the energy of smiling and a jaunty head tilt. We looked at one another for a little while and then the scene switched.

I was sitting on the roof of a house in downtown Reykjavik. The color of the house was maybe kind of mauve or purple? It had the corrugated metal sides, not stucco. It was not the very top of the house but the roof outside and upstairs window, almost like a dormer window. It was morning, sunrise. The season was summer, but more like early summer? Late spring. I was out there with a few women. Most I didn't know. One was a friend of mine from the States. 

There had been a small festival in the city, maybe just a weekend long or so, and it was now coming to an end. The women I was with are unknown to me in real life, but there were a few, all with a very intelligent, grounded, healthy vibe. I feel like the festival had been a book festival of some sort. Maybe a very small music one, but nothing like Airwaves or anything of that magnitude. It had been a cultural one of some sort with a definite literary component. My friend from the States and I were talking about how there was one author whose talk we had missed, but that we would have to catch it next year. And that next year we would take a more active role in the festival, but this was a good first step back into the world after the pandemic and everything. 

My friend kept telling me that I should write women-centered erotica, and that I should read something by that woman she had been talking about. I kind of laughed, but the other women were encouraging me to explore it. They said I should read some to see what they meant, and that I could be successful at it. Then there was one more lecture that my friend and I wanted to catch before it was over, so we got up to go.

Again, I don't know the exact details of what I was doing, but I had a feeling of being confident and successful and on my way up in some sort of creative endeavor. And the city was waking up again. It was a good feeling.

14/02/21 Journey

Totally chaotic. Had a very hard time focusing or getting anywhere.  My eagle guide appeared for a moment but looked injured. I asked him what was wrong, he said he was in a war. 

I saw a town square, surrounded by pine trees, grey pavement in the middle of the square, low buildings all around it, one white spire at the far end, almost like a church or a clock tower or just a government building. Behind the tower a white snowy mountain in the distance. The town was totally empty and it seemed like something bad had happened there. I don't know if the town was in America or possibly Austria or Germany. It was eerie. 

I tried to visit Texas, I tried to visit the desert, I just wanted to spend some time in America and find my American guides. I miss them. My very first guide, my lifetime guide, found me in the desert near Monument Valley. Or it might have been Moab. Similar rock formations. I saw a large campfire and there were indigenous spiritual leaders or shamans sitting around it deep in the middle of some kind of spiritual work. I didn't know if they were just a vision or if they were really there and could perceive me, so I didn't approach. I just called on added protection and walked by from a safe distance, and didn't look over at them. One of them or maybe one of their guides came over to confront me and ask what I was doing there. I had my wolf with me and a large angel behind me. I didn't look up at the person, I just showed my palms and said I was just passing by and didn't mean to disturb them. Suddenly, my lifetime guide found me and put me on his horse and walked me all the way back to my room in Iceland. He was like, stay here and pray and shine my light from here. And to tell all the lightworkers I know to do the same. I was like, why can't I even come visit? I wanted to say hi to the buffalo and just spend some time in my favorite places. He said no. He said things are getting a little crazy and they're going to get worse if we don't try to tip the scales in favor of the light so just sit tight and pray. Apparently the shamans I had seen were doing something to that end. The light winning might not look like the light winning for a while. 

I tried to journey here but again there was too much chaos. Lots of distraction energy. Demonic influences,  honestly. Weird stuff. I only had one brief moment of peace with some water, and one moment of peace when I asked Mother Mary for help. Finally just concluded the journey and read some Scripture until I went to sleep. As soon as I did that, I felt better. 

Follow Up

I had no idea at the time that I took the journey that the situation in Austin was devolving into the nightmare that it is for so many right now. Rampant electricity outages, burst frozen pipes resulting in flooding, and no sign of relief yet from the government. There have even been people clearing the shelves at grocery stores, and desperate people trying to break in to get food and supplies. In Bastrop the sheriff had to come break up a crowd of 50 people trying to break the doors of a grocery store down. So I guess there really was a lot of chaotic energy going on. I have friends whose homes have flooded and who have been without power in their homes for more than 24 hours in freezing temperatures. This is nuts. I'm really hoping things get better soon and will continue to offer up prayers for them. 

Art by Charles Frizzell


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