Journey: Ethiopia to Egypt to...?

 I double checked and I am, in fact, supposed to post this journey/vision in a post, but since it's more personal, I'm not going to advertise it on my ig page. I'll just put it up here and leave it.

One of my circle sisters called me up and asked if I wanted to do a quick, focused journey last night and I readily said yes. I miss doing regular meditation and journeying, and the past couple of weeks the energy was so scattered and chaotic that I found it difficult to focus. My intention was just to go hang out with Jesus and ask him to teach me something, anything. Just to get back into the swing of things and catch up a bit.

She is prepping to lead a circle of her own soon on the topic of candles and fire and such, so she started us off in a different way. Instead of walking down the path, she said to start off staring into a fire in a fireplace, and then walk through the fire as if it were a portal to begin the journey. I had trouble picking what kind of a fire I wanted in the beginning, so I finally gave up and settled on a fireplace in kind of a Irish looking cottage thing. I couldn't settle into starting the journey that way so I thought, I know I'll just bring a torch from the fire and go out and walk down the path like I usually do. But then who's going to watch the fire? I thought of Wolf, but he was like, "What am I going to do if the fire gets out of control?" so then I was like, who can I leave in charge who can put the fire out if it gets out of control? Suddenly an elephant appeared. "I could spray it with my trunk," she said. But she spoke inside my head. Not that the other animals like... It was just different the way she communicated. She was somehow purely telepathic. Her voice was not outside my head but inside it. It was unusual, even for the situation. 

So I was like, "Um... Okay? Are you... Are you my guide?" It's been a long time since I got a new guide, and especially long since one just popped up in a journey and introduced themselves like that. Very long time. Maybe not since the beginning when I first started learning this path. She nodded. "Are you an Asian elephant?" She shook her head no, and big ears sprouted out and she grew huge. A beautiful African elephant, HUGE and dark in color. I was like, "Wow, okay. Um..." The next thing I knew she picked me up with her trunk and threw me onto her back and we were out of the cottage and walking away. I was like, "Wait, no, what are you doing? I'm going the other way. I was going to go talk to Jesus. What the-- Where are we going? Seriously, what's going on?"

It's also been a long time since a guide just kind of took over the journey like that without giving me any clues or say in the matter. 

She walked us away and instead of outside an Irish looking cottage at night, we were suddenly in full daylight walking on yellow grass under a bright blue sky. "Where are we?" "Ethiopia." "Wait, where are we going?" "Egypt." "No! Wait! This isn't my intention that I set! What the heck is going on around here?" 

But the thing is that her back is very, very comfortable, and she is so large and so calming and so safe. And I was so small up on her back, and the sun felt so good, so I finally stopped arguing and just got cozy. I looked down at my arms and legs. They were the most beautiful dark, dark, dark brown color. I was wearing a reddish-brown simple linen dress, almost more like a tunic, really. My hair was dark brown, nearly black, and it was very curly, fell to my shoulders, I had bangs straight across my forehead, and my hair stuck out to either side. Lots of volume. I realized I was looking at myself in a past life. I was an Ethiopian girl, I guess a teenager, and I had light eyes. Not blue I don't think, but abnormally light. Maybe grey.  I was very skinny and small, though. 

We rode on for a while and then we got to Egypt. We went past the pyramids at Giza and then I heard in my mind, "Remember that back then Egypt was a lot more green," and then the area did, in fact, look a lot more green. I have no idea what year it was, I just know that it was a past life and it was "ancient Egypt," that's all I know. The elephant rode on and we got the banks of the river. As in the Nile. It was shaded with trees and there were other young people my age hanging out down there. She dropped me into the water and I wasn't really sure what to do. There was a young man there, and he was, in a word, fiiiiiiine as hell. He looked like the main character of a romantic comedy. He was Egyptian, he looked like he was mixed race. He was wearing a headdress like you see in the old paintings from Egypt back then, the colors were very light blue and very light green striped, and shimmering like they were interwoven with silver. He didn't have a shirt on (oh la-la, joke but not really) and he had a short skirt thingy with the same striped pattern. He wasn't royalty or anything, but I got the feeling maybe he worked as a guard at a palace or something? Because those were very fine linens he was wearing but he was just hanging out down in the water with the rest of the regular folks. He had beautiful white, shining teeth, brown eyes, a broad smiling face, and he was just... radiant. He shone like gold. He looked like a popular model/athlete with a heart of gold. Like the most popular guy in high school of all time would look. He was stunning. 

And the elephant had dropped me right next to him. To say I stood out around there was an understatement. My dress was different, I was so small, my skin was sooo dark compared to his and the other people immediately around me, my hair was kind of messy, and my eyes and features were different. Also I was more introverted and introspective and feeling shy, and I had this big elephant with me to boot. But he was looking right at me and smiling, he was full of curiosity. He was like, "Hey you want to try this?" and gestured towards what basically looked like a narrow clay soaking pool. Like someone had built it right there in the river as a place to sit and soak in the water. It was just full of the same water from the river and it stuck up out of the water. I've never seen anything similar in real life, so I don't know if it really existed. But I said okay so I climbed up and over the edge, and I fell all the way in. He burst out laughing as I sputtered and climbed out. I was like, what is that thing? And he was like, it's just to cool off. I went and kind of hid behind my elephant's trunk because my dress was completely soaked through now, but he laughed it off because apparently that wasn't a big deal in Egypt compared to my home country.

Now the time changed a bit and I saw that we would eventually become an item. I was just kind of standing closer to him, and I saw that we became a pair. He was often staring at me, I think my light eyes compared to my skin was slightly disturbing to look at but he liked it. I saw myself often staring at my arm or hand against his golden skin. But we were happy together. He was always very confident and smiley and I was quieter but happy with him. I was watching this from my current perspective and I thought for a moment, am I always going to keep this hairstyle for this entire lifetime or what? But then I realized that even in this lifetime, I've worn my hair with a fringe for the better part of the last 12+ years or so, and I prefer to wear it curly with lots of volume. And in this lifetime I felt the same way, apparently. Sometimes I tied it back but most of the time it was to my shoulders, with a fringe, and big, sticking out to either side. So maybe this was my first lifetime with hair like that and I keep trying to re-create it, who knows?

Then I was wondering about this guy. His eyes looked kind of like the eyes of someone I know in this lifetime, but his face was so different, and his vibe was so different. I thought there's no way that's him. But then I saw myself do his gesture that was like a secret sign to me as the observer to let me know that it was, in fact him, and I was really surprised. I was like, how on earth is this the same guy? I'm not going to say more on that because it's private but it was almost shocking. So I kind of used the moment to ask the Egyptian guy like, what would you tell yourself if in a future lifetime things were really different and you were really struggling? I was using my conscious mind but in my Ethiopian form (and that's why journeys are so useful, just go with it) so he would talk to me. He looked down at Ethiopian me and was like, "If I'm struggling it's just because I'm not with you." And I was like, "No, but seriously, what would you say to yourself?" (I think I was curious for myself too, because I was happy in this ancient life and the modern world is so strange to me.) I was like, "Tell your future self what you think you would need to hear." As this is happening, the elephant picks us both up for a ride now. We were riding along through the desert. He was like, "I would just need you, and the sun, and a purpose." Of course! That's what was so nice about the ancient life. Sure, your lifespan would be shorter and diseases were awful and there were all kinds of horrific things that could happen to you. But in that time and place, while you were alive and doing well, you were really happy. You had a role to fulfill and you did so and things were simpler and kind of set up for you. It was easier living, somehow. I felt it in myself too, things were simpler and less lonely and happier, even if you knew it probably wouldn't last very long. And the sun was wonderful. It was not too hot. It was great.

So we're walking along in the desert and my friend then chimes in to say it's about time to wrap up and to ask your guides for any last information you might need and start to wrap things up. So I look around and I ask the elephant, "Hey where are we going, anyway?" And she was like, "There." 

Straight ahead I suddenly saw a HUGE ancient city with high walls all around it looming out of the sand. I did NOT want to go there. I could see into the city, and it was, in a word, evil. There was fire, it looked almost like lava, right in the middle of it. The streets inside the walls looked like a jagged, twisted labyrinth. It was dark, filled with chaos, I feel like I could almost hear people screaming. I began to panic because the elephant wouldn't stop plodding towards it and I didn't want to go. As we crossed through the gates, the Egyptian guy slumped down with his eyes closed behind me. He was sick and out of it. I started to cry out to God to help us and called on Jesus. He showed up on the ground walking next to the elephant's feet. He smiled up me so cheerfully, almost mischievously, that I actually demanded to know if he was an imposter, but he wasn't. I begged him to let us leave, that I didn't want to go on. "I'm with you, I've got you. Just remember my teachings and keep going!" I kept begging to be allowed to turn back. I wanted to go back to Egypt and the gentle river and soft breezes. Nope. He just kept repeating, "I've got you! You can do this! Keep going, and remember my teachings!" He stopped walking and was calling after me, and then suddenly I could hear him inside my heart saying the same thing but quietly, "Keep going. Remember what I've taught you. I'm right here, I've got you. I'm right here. Keep going." 

We were about halfway through the evil city on the back of the elephant. Me riding in front, and him slumped down, sick and looking like he was passed out behind me. My elephant walking steadily forward. 

It was pretty wild.


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