You didn't have to do a love spell on me.

Back then.

I didn't have to do one on you.

But we did.

I don't feel you in my heart that often anymore.

I miss that.

I can't remember why I got so angry.

I feel like time is twisting in on itself.

Time has been 

introducing herself to me 

And she's different from what I thought.

I don't have the vocabulary to describe 

what she's teaching me.

She severs old allegiances.

Almost like she's rewriting history.

Like some things never happened and others did.

Like I'm being coaxed into another dimension 

where I won't have to pay for my mistakes forever

where things are better.

And the spells have long since worn off.

But I still think of you.

Maybe it's just a habit now

and you're just a neural pathway.

That's what some might have me think 

but I know better.

One day in Texas I was driving along,

I had just left the church where I lit a candle.

And an old man with long gray hair 

riding a motorcycle 

wearing a backwards cap 

with your nickname on it 

rode in front of me suddenly.

Maybe it was you time traveling, I thought,

and I smiled and drove behind him for a little while.

We were on the same path.

Sometimes I feel you 

like you're watching over me while I sleep.

Not often but once in a while.

It's either you or an angel.

And I wonder why you're not sleeping.

But not for long because your presence is comforting 

and my eyes close on their own.

I stumbled upon an old picture of you

From around the time we were introduced.

I didn't like you then because you wouldn't talk to me.

It kept me from seeing that 

actually you were just my type,

and I like your face.


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