Backlog Dream: Anaconda Worm

January 23rd Dream Journal (posted on ig but not here until now)

I dreamed that there was an earthworm the size of an anaconda under a house, with a head almost the size of a car tire, and I was the only person around who wanted to kill it. EVERYONE else was like, kumbaya, what's the big deal, just let it live its life under the front stoop. And I was all, "Are you INSANE? Get me a machine gun, I'll do it right now! You want this thing living under your HOUSE?! It could eat a toddler! Get me a gun! Somebody get me a gun! I'll shoot it in the head! Come on!" (Apparently this dream took place in America, because I fully expected that I could just hold out my hand and a gun would be placed in it immediately.)

Every time people started talking to me and I'd say a version of, "I got news for you, honey, you got bigger problems than that, right now there's an earthworm with a head the size of a person curled up in the fetal position under your porch, and you wanna talk about [whatever it was they were saying]?" 

Nope. No gun. No one listened. 

This was a very on-brand Inga dream. 😂

PS- I just remembered the World Serpent from Norse Mythology and am vaguely worried that this may have been signaling the beginning of Ragnarök but at this point, why worry?


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