Angels know us by name

A fork in the road 
But my wild eyes won't let me 
Come in from the cold.

Before everything went down.
Don't listen to squares.
It's never too late to turn around.
Not for you and me.

When you were finally clear-headed,
You called out my name.
When I was finally alone for two seconds,
I saw it was you and smiled with my whole face.

Let's go back and do it over again.

Make an excuse and get on a plane.
I'll show you how to taste honeysuckle.
We can say hey, did you see those flames.
Yeah. Me too.

Let's believe in each other.
I'll believe in you.
You'll believe in me too.
Not assume the worst possible...

I'll believe you.
Come on, believe me too.

What road even is this?
I smell bullshit.
Wait. Stop. Turn around.
We're supposed to be in Texas.
Making secret plans.
Kissing on the lips.
Talking about the fire, that's all.
And how, you know, 
with you, with me, we could really...
It could be like we had always thought 
It was supposed to be.

I smell a trap.
I smell a test.
I hear the secret whispers of angels.
Honey they're letting me in on it.

It's a test...
It's a test...

Come on, believe in me.
I believe in you.

I belive in you.

Come on.

The number one.

The number one.


I know you know.


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