Essentials for the New Age

I took a selfie with the Sun the other day, and since the solstice sky was lackluster, I'll share this one instead.

My astrologer friend says to be very clear about what's essential that you want to carry or call to you for the new age. I feel a hard-earned strength inside me, and I have more of it now than at any other time in my life. So instead of new year's resolutions, I'm going to list my new age essentials.

Spending as much time with Álfrún as I possibly can, and cherishing it as much as I possibly can, even when I'm tired and a little overwhelmed by the independent mom thing. She's a truly unique, brilliant, beautiful human being, and I am going to make sure she stays that way.

I found out that I can get Icelandic language classes funded by my union, so I'm planning on starting that in the new year, online until I get my vaccine (shout out to my fellow Group 8-ers!) and then in person after that. 

Making more time with my chosen soul family of friends and loved ones. 

Making the most of time spent with my family.

Traveling as soon as I can with Álfrún. Would love to meet Niki in Greece and also see Ireland, Italy, show Álfrún Austria, and of course get back to Texas for a while.

I'd like to host spiritual retreats and teach meditation, journeying, reiki, connecting with nature and your intuition. But in a way that is accessible and friendly, with really good food, and laughter, too. This year I've learned that a daily spiritual practice of study, conversation with and silently  drawing near to Divinity is a true necessity for my well-being. I'd like to share that with others. 

I'd like to write a book, the story I can feel inside that's just about ready to make an appearance here on earth.

Wait patiently - but not complacently - for the Divine  Matchmaker Upstairs to send me a life partner relationship in the here and now, full of mutual adoration, respect, sensitivity, laughter, connection, passion, affection, trust, loyalty, honesty, and magic. That across-a-crowded-room-magnet that turns into an atomic-love-explosion thing. That "Don't I know you from somewhere?" vibe, telepathic heart connection. Plus an intellectual meeting of minds where they start talking and you think like, "Omg they're smart too? Okay, calm down. Just breathe. Nobody freak out! *throws chair*" That fantastic conversation juice. And sexy attraction. With someone who will fight for me, for us, once we're an "us." Who knows that they've got a good thing when they've got me and doesn't run away or string me along, but instead runs towards love. Who takes parenting seriously and treats my child with kindness, sensitivity, and respect too. And genuinely compatible humor. Cracking each other up, belly laughter. Where you smile at each other and your eyes are truly lit up from within. Ugh, that's the best feeling. I'm ready for that one again. All the best parts of friendship plus hotness and romance and safety and feeling really lucky because you are. So good. And may it feel almost like he's been part of our family all along, we were just waiting to bump into each other.

And hugs! Remember hugs? Please let 2021 bring the best hugs ever. Joyful ones. 

And let's get a place where Pixie can finally come live with us. 

Friends, thanks for being in my life. No, really. Thank you. You know those sayings about how you never know how a quick note or conversation or thoughtful something-or-other might positively impact someone? It's really true. Y'all are good at that. 

Here's to more of those moments but hopefully against a more joyful backdrop now. Age of Aquarius, the new wave, Love Dimension, let's do this!


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