Cosmic Conjunction

Everyone who's anyone is feeling the change.

I let go of the wall and floated. 

I let go of the wall.

I'm floating.

I'm playing mermaids.

Playing fairies.

Like when I was 

a little girl.


Like planets do.

And little moons.

It's okay...

It's okay...

We can be calm...

Because after letting go 

we find we're still together...

Hi over there...

We're in the same swimming pool.

Same galaxy.

Same neighborhood.


That's where we live.

I was born there.

And so were you.

One right after the other.

Can't help but smile 

when you look my way 

and everything's okay.

The how, the when, the why 

are none of our business.

And we don't have to stress.

Don't have to run off.

Don't have to rush ahead.

Everything is all right...

God's got us.

Cosmic Papa-Mama/Cool Aunt 

got us.

She said, hey these children 

are pretty cute.

Let's put them in the same 

neighborhood. Let's find them 

a cool spot

where they can bump into each other 

'til they figure it out.

How about 

Laniakea. She'll do.

She'll do nicely.

Outside it's raining on the snow.


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