You know what I think it actually is all happening

My late great-grandmother AND the son of God told me in meditations that in November when the weather turned into winter I would get really happy and then soon after, "unprecedented love and joy" would follow. I was looking through my journals where I keep track of meditations, dreams and messages and in May I was asking the Lord if he could find me a place to live maybe near the mall or in Kópavogur  (no idea why I wanted to be near the mall lol). I ended up getting a job in Kópavogur and according to my notes, he replied that he had already found me a place to live and I would be happy with it so I should just stop and trust him. I was like oh absolutely of course (continues not trusting in secret). And reading that I was like holy crap he totally had found me a place!

I found a little bit of mold in the laundry room yesterday and I was on the phone with my kid's dad because I wasn't sure if she had school that day or not. So I mentioned it and the first thing out of his mouth was trying to convince me to break my lease and find a different apartment. I was like no way dude I just got all settled and I like it here, chill out. He kept trying to convince me and didn't stop until I told him that Álfrún always says she likes this house and doesn't want to move.

Later as I was leaving my covid test (it's negative) to go pick her up from school, I was at this spot on the road where you can see the mountains and the neighborhood below and I spontaneously said out loud, "I like living in this neighborhood, I want to stay forever." Then I was like whoa there calm down forever is a long time where the poop did that come from? But at any rate he's not gonna get me to leave just because he's got issues.

I tell you what, I don't know if there was some magic in the long johns I bought the other day or what but my great-grandmother was right! Like yesterday I got super happy seemingly out of nowhere. I feel like I had a spiritual growth spurt. Like it's dark but when the sun comes up I get kind of high off of it, and it lights up the sky and mountains and see in the most beautiful color palette it's so gorgeous. And the cold, when you're dressed warm, feels really good. My southerners might not believe me but it's true. Playing in the snow is really fun. I don't even use my therapy light every day. And I promise I'm not bipolar, this is not mania.

I don't know how to describe it I just feel really really good. There have even been attempts by those "alligators" to bring me down but it's not working. I'm like, safe and sound on my little hilltop of joy.

Here are some random pictures because I have to get back to work, which I also enjoy! What is even happening right now? Don't question it, don't look left or right just keep going.


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