Let's Make Tamales and Persian Love Cake

Hoo boy, it's just about here, isn't it? Holiday time.  Can I just say that like, I kind of want to take this year off? I like Christmas, I really do, but hear me out... Like, I just want to feel like I can just relax into this transitional year and be mostly chill without invoking the sympathy of well-meaning strangers and loved ones. Like, I currently don't have Christmas plans and I'm kind of fine with it? Like, if my ex-MIL wants her granddaughter at her house for presents and I get to come along for the ride, I'll happily do that, that's totally fine. But beyond that I'm kind of glad that I'm just sort of fresh off the airplane here and I don't have a bunch of obligatory dinners that I have to go to this year.

I really want to light some candles, cook things that sound tasty, honestly smoke a little ganja (don't judge me) and just vibe. I honestly feel like I earned it...? Kind of? You know what I'm saying? You feel me?

I just need a super quick break this year from like, dressing up and making polite convo. I need a year where I don't have to have that moment where someone turns to me and is like, "So... Justify your existence." And then you have to be all, "Absolutely, I'd be happy to. So, I have a job doing this. I am making... an amount of money, and I use it to pay for things I need. Do I have a plan for achieving a higher status in the completely made-up, toxic ranking system hologram that we as a group of organisms living in close proximity have agreed to pretend exists? You betcha! I'm gonna... do something that requires a sacrifice of the only commodities I have - my own time and energy - like study some crap I don't believe in and get a piece of paper proving that I did busy work and pretended to pay attention to lectures... And I will use that to earn more money and just keep on... you know... acquiring... material... goods. So. Yeah. I definitely deserve to be alive. For sure. Thanks for asking."

That's the main thing I'm taking a break from this year. So if I say I don't have plans on Christmas, I swear to the baby God whose birth we're supposed to be celebrating that I. AM. GOOD. WITH. IT. It is my gift to myself. I love you all and y'all know I love me some Jesus, and you're all welcome to come over to my house and micro-dose by the glow of the colorful string lights while we find out if it's possible to make tamales without corn husks and listen to some groovy tunes this year, my friends. I found out they do have palo santo at the little crystal store nearby so the vibes will be right.

And now if you'll excuse me, my friend wants me to pull some cards for her. But before I go, allow me to give you permission to enjoy the secret benefit of pandemic Christmas, for those of us who end up making it through with our health, Jah willing: we have an excuse to opt out of obligation. Let me just say to you, you absolutely deserve to be alive. You don't have to use material goods to justify your existence. You absolutely deserve to be happy. You've got this, I believe in you, keep that vibration high and don't let the not-so-distant-future citizens of the Chaos Dimension try to drag you out of the sweet-flowing river called the Love Dimension where you belong, you sexy thang! Ow! Hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave! What? I'm sorry. No you're right, that was inappropriate. Off you go. Respectfully.

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