I feel weird

Oof. Fam. The energy started out so good this morning but got so ragged in the afternoon. I went to Costco with the wee one and she did so great, she wore her mask and chatted happily from her seat in the cart. But I'm feeling really strange. I feel fine physically, thank God, but emotionally/spiritually I don't feel very well. 

I prayed protective prayers. I recited some lines of poetry over and over again under my breath. 

        "I too am not a bit tamed - I too am untranslatable.
         I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world."
                                                                          -Walt Whitman

I thought of the last time it was gloomy weather and I was shopping with my baby in a Costco, it was when we were in Portland. I tried to convince myself that I was really just in Portland and everything was fine. None of it helped. 

It must not be directed at me then, but someone in my soul tribe isn't feeling well and it's sending ripples out into the web that connects us. Who is it? Is it everyone? Is everybody nervous because of the election? Is someone getting spiritually attacked? Is someone getting yelled at? Is someone doing synthetic drugs that are making them feel agitated? 

I guess there is something to the energy that is reminiscent of Portland for me. It's kind of a feeling of twisting in the wind out here. Of being cut off and alone in the dark. A sense of foreboding. Maybe it's only attacking me. Maybe it's attacking one or more people in my squad. 


Well, I was called to channel the light into darkness. And this sure is dark. A big alligator. It knows just what to say to get to me. But I know what to do. 

Why do I keep hearing, "This is it. Be strong. Hold on."

Here we go.

UPDATE: I'm all better. :)


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