Love Wave Imminent, Everybody Be Cool. Or warm. Yeah everybody be warm.

Okay so, y'all know how I'm "crazy" and I occasionally prophecy? Sure you do. Well one of my soul sisters and I had a simultaneous vision on Sunday (while she was getting a reiki session and asked me to pray for her so I did) of a wave of love and peace coming towards us. We both strongly felt and still feel that sometime in the next seven days or so after we saw that wave, a Very Big Love Blessing will come to the earth and affect many of us both on the personal and global level.

To me it feels like the energy of the Summer of Love finally coming back home to roost and take root and bear fruit. But I don't know exactly what it will look like.

Here's the thing to look out for. She and I have both noticed that since I saw that vision, psychic and spiritual attacks have increased in frequency and intensity in ourselves and people we know, probably because evil can sense that all this love and beauty is imminent and it will do anything to stop it or get us to doubt it. I know because I've already fought off two in the past week. (If it happens to you, yell at the devil and his cronies about the biblical book of John chapters 3 and 10, I love the Message translation. It's great and they can't stand it, they always leave because the light has already won and if they know you know it there's nothing they can do). 

I want to say that maybe it's mercury retrograde in Scorpio or maybe it's something spiritual or both, but the past two weeks have been really hard. All the painful stuff of the last few years has been pulled up out of the past and shoved in my face and brought out the worst in me. But I don't want to live like that, in pain and lashing out at others to make them hurt as much as I felt hurt by them. All it does is help the "dark side" keep love away. I don't want to fight or hold grudges and of course I don't want grudges held against me. But I can only control my own actions (barely).

Last night the "small, still voice" told me that it can only bring reconciliation and love after forgiveness, and helped me finally do that. Forgive, as in let go of the past. (And by reconciliation I don't mean my ex marriage, although I don't want to hold grudges there either. I mean like, creating space for true love and divine love to come in.) And it asked me if it ever occurred to me that I'm not the only one who gets spiritually attacked by people and beings who want to thwart all that is good and holy? Did it ever occur to me that people who have hurt me do too? It hadn't, not exactly. I mean it had before, but not recently. And not to the extent it finally did last night. I shocked even myself. 

So anyway. I've already sent evil packing multiple times this week (I'm sure even Motley Crue hasn't shouted at the devil in quite the same way), and I still feel the love wave coming and it feels really good. The past pain has *finally* stopped popping up in my mind over and over again and now only the best memories have taken their place. I cannot do that myself, believe me I've tried. That's God. It's called "grace" because it's undeserved, it's a gift freely given and tearfully accepted.

I'm posting this to let my soul tribe know, be ever vigilant, starting right now and especially for the next week or two. Pray often. Even if you're pagan, read the Bible, especially the Gospels. I literally spent almost twenty years worshipping other gods and doing magic and all it ended up doing was jacking me up. But I've known so many pagan reiki healers who end up at the very least becoming friendly with Jesus because his heart is pure and you can trust him. And he casually dispenses with evil like no one else can or will.

If you find yourself getting angry or sad out of nowhere,  pray.* The Accuser and/or his puppets are trying to get us hating ourselves and others and doubting love because there's something beautiful coming. I'll see you there!

* I am not a mental illness denier and urge you to seek professional help in addition to your spiritual work if you need it. 

(I borrowed these images from the internet please don't sue me I'm a member of the proletariat)


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