Far Out

It's September 2nd and the weather is actually starting to cool off! This morning was so gorgeous, sunny and a little wind. We took the kids at work outside for a full hour at the school where I work. My daughter's class took a walk to the beach and I can't wait to hear all about it. It's been years since I've lived in a place where you get autumn weather in September.

There are worse places to work than an Icelandic preschool. You get lunch, and time to relax (somewhat) while they're supposed to be napping. Plenty of fresh air outdoors. The kids are adorable 95% of the time. You get to do puzzles and read stories. There's a lot of shoe tying and coat zipping. And opening the shed to get buckets and shovels for the sandbox. Sometimes you feel like a human chair. Or human jungle gym. But overall it's not too shabby! 

The other day we opened the classroom door to let fresh air in, and a neighborhood cat ran inside, twice. It has a collar and hangs around a lot. Looks in the window. It's really still a kitten, maybe a year old. We're all obsessed with it. So I had to chase it and catch it and put it outside.

My parents are on their way to visit and Álfrún and I are both excited. They'll be here just under two weeks. But they have to do quarantine for a few days when they first arrive. My mom's going to help me finish getting my place squared away. 

Last night I picked up Álfrún at her dad's apartment and he totally had a bunch of the home decor I chose and purchased amidst his loud protests (Capricorns want cool stuff, for FREE, or nothing at all). So when I got home with the kiddo, I was carrying a wall hanging, ukulele, candle holder, tambourine, a dish towel, and my purse. Got us all inside. This morning I could not find my keys anywhere. After frantically searching, I finally grabbed the spare keys and made a run for it. The keys were IN THE DOOR. All night! And I sit here, fully alive. No one broke in and murdered us. What kind of country is this, anyway?! I'm so unused to the feeling of safety. It's really weird. 


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