Mmmm... That's Good Energy

 Well, I had two nights in a row where my baby was with her dad. I got to sleep a ton and go for walks, it was nice. But tonight she's back and I'm glad of it. After she got here, she said, "This is my home," and it felt good to hear her say that. She's starting to get more comfortable here, and is understanding more Icelandic again (she knew it better than English when she was a baby). Her dad is getting a place nearby, I think he gets the keys on Friday, so that will be good too, because I think she'll feel more settled when she's not spending the night at her grandma's every time she goes with him.

Today it was so warm that while I was cooking dinner and cleaning up, I was actually able to wear shorts! I even wore them to take out the trash. I felt a liiiittle bit naked after more than a month in long pants, but not cold. 

Niki video called me tonight and we talked with our combined children constantly interrupting us while I cooked dinner and she breastfed. It was happily noisy. We were laughing about how we're similar the way we like, not fully yell but how we're both the same kind of loud when we're telling the kids to stop doing stuff. It's not angry, it's just Mediterranean. And we talk with our hands and stuff, too. I get it from my dad. He's got the blood from that part of the world. She's like, "See? I've told you that you were Greek since we were kids and it was true the whole time!" I was recently teased for talking with my hands so whenever she says stuff like that I feel like, see I'm not weird, I'm from the land of 

I think by the end of this coming week I'll FINALLY have my rugs and pictures from Tejas and I can't wait. And my cast iron skillets! And my crock pot! I got a new coffee maker today (the one I have was a very nice gift but it's rather old and I couldn't get the coffee to taste quite right), and a hitakanna (I don't actually know the English word. It's a pitcher that keeps your coffee hot) and I ordered a vacuum cleaner that I should get tomorrow.

So one thing is that we got a bunny and he was so cute but we took him back to his farm today. We'll miss him a lot, but I was allergic to his hay and it was affecting my breathing. I never used to have any issues along the lines of asthma, but Austin has some of the worst allergies in the world, like really terrible, and they really jacked me up this year. I think after a year or two away from there, my body will even itself back out. But I really don't want to be dealing with breathing issues and having my immune system fired up while the pandemic is going on. So, sorry bun-bun, but you had to go back home. I just want to focus on getting my dog over here. My landlords said that they won't allow dogs after all (wtf!) and my ex's building doesn't allow them. So this time next year I want to be living in a place that will let her come here. It's such bull, I miss her so much, and my friend who's keeping her for me says that every day she goes over to the door and whines, waiting for me to come back and get her. Poor little Pixie. I don't want to have to wait a whole year for her. Maybe she'll be able to come over sooner somehow, you never know what can happen. This time last year I had no idea that 12 months from partying with my "gay boiizz" at Shangri-La, I would be fully living in Iceland, fully divorced, and that all this virus shizz would be going on. 

Niki and I were talking about how lately the vibes feel "juicy," like something is about to happen. But something good! As Niki said it, "Not just for you and for me, but for the whole family." The soul family. Feels like something good is just about to burst through the veil. 

Anyway, the vibes are really nice tonight, like Barton Springs or Portland, in good weather. Like a warm night with string lights in the backyard. It's that energy. It feels so good.

I don't have string lights yet but this does the trick in the meantime.


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