Care Bear Stare the Evil Ones

The other night at the downtown apartment, I glanced out the window and thought I saw the girlfriend of a friend of mine. Well they might be broken up now, I'm not sure. I mean I hope so. Especially because IF that was her, she was on what appeared to be a date with a woman. I haven't seen her in over a year so I'm not a hundred percent, but she eventually felt me staring and glanced over and I'm not convinced that it WASN'T her, I'll say that much. Especially since she had the same horrible energy as the person I'm thinking of, like a sociopathic, low level employee of Satan. Like I glanced out the window and instantly thought, "Oh look! A crony of the devil luring an innocent soul into their web of destruction. Hey girl! That you?"

It was uncomfortable on a number of levels. Like, even if she wasn't the person I'm thinking of, that lady still had terrible energy, and I'm genuinely concerned for the woman she was with. I know I'm psychic, but even if I weren't, I'm a keen observer of body language and I have a good instinct for people and danger assessment. I get it from my dad. I watched the two women together. The bad vibes one kept putting her arm around the other one and kissing the top of her head. They had champagne flutes and kept taking pictures of themselves toasting and canoodling. They were only there for like five minutes but they took tons of pictures. The other woman was lapping up the attention from the bad woman. I wanted to shout, run! Her affection was so fake. It's like... She doesn't know how to give a soft kiss because you have to like, have emotions to be a half decent kisser. It's nothing to do with technique but the feeling behind it. I could tell she was like an awkward robot in her mind, like, place arm here, place lips on top of head, expose teeth in smile shape, pose for photo, repeat.

I may be high strung, but I'm not easily shaken. I'm not saying that she made me afraid but my instinct injected adrenaline into my bloodstream like, "This person is not safe, here's a warning shot of energy in case they attack." It's rare to get to observe a person like that in the wild. I had a vision of how it would all go down. I could see her going through the motions of sex, of giving calculated affection and attention, making that other woman feel super lucky. Then one day, when she's gotten what she wanted (I'm guessing lots of social media posts and attention) she'll just turn it off, like, "No I don't love you, you fucking loser." And that lady will be blindsided. I could see in her eyes that she really needed the self esteem boost. This will send her spiraling. I wish I could warn her.


But I can't.

I've met a few people like that in my day. They can't hurt me, because, not to toot my own horn, but I'm on the side of the light, and I'm as bright as they are dark. So when they try to put that stank on me I throw a bunch of light and Jesus and love at them. They hate that. It's hilarious. They have no power over me.

Really they only have as much power as you give them. And if you need an ally, I'm here. Care Bear stare that ish.


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