I think this one is about furniture and astrology

Shipping belongings overseas is very expensive. So just bring less stuff. I talked to my "Chicago mom" yesterday and she told me I'm "an amazing example of the power of mobility." I said I was going to write that down for when people think I'm crazy for not really giving a poop about whether or not I bring my couch with me everywhere I go. She reminded me that I used to always be up for a new adventure, and I remembered that I already know how to do this.

So now it's time to cull all the belongings that don't really matter and only pack the things I actually like and use. 

The only hard part is letting go of books I love, but in all honesty, most of my books are sitting in boxes in the garage because I already read them, and the vast majority I will never re-read. But the ones I do re-read, and the ones that are gifts, are coming.

It wasn't all that long ago that everything I owned fit inside a 1991 Honda Accord, and that I was upset about buying furniture because it meant not being about to pick up and move at a moment's notice.

Now I have a little one, and I want her to feel safe and supported in the transition of moving to such a vastly different place. That's one thing about the way I grew up, I had a lot of feelings and I needed more emotional support than I got when it was time to move every few years. (In those days, child rearing was different, or something.) And my li'l Pisces is super smart and aware and sensitive, so I gotta bring my A-game, and also most of her stuff is coming with, her toys and whatnot. 

But I'm in that part of moving where you're between the stressful parts and you're like, yeah get rid of all this shit, who cares, the road beckons! (Earth signs, or other signs with a lot of earth in their chart, generally start breaking out in hives when they hear that kind of talk.) By the way, everyone should go find out what time they were born and look up their birth chart and at least get their ascendant sign, because knowing your Sun, Moon, and Rising/Ascendant is a crucial component of being a responsible adult. It's just not right to not know that information, even if your religion or staunch atheism forbids it. First of all, loosen up, you're probably just an atheist or conservative religion because of your astrology. Just pretend you're a fun person for a few minutes and join us weirdos here under the string lights. Also, honestly you guys? It's just not polite to not offer that information to people. I just think it should be part of the standard greeting, and be printed on name tags at conventions and things. 
"Hello, and welcome to the fifteenth annual Cincinnati Gardening Convention. I'm Cheryl McClintock, Sagittarius Sun, Capricorn moon, Cancer rising, and I'm here to talk about natural solutions for pest control in permaculture gardens of the temperate zone."

So to the three people who read this blog, go to astro.com or cafeastrology.com and make yourself a free natal chart and report back your findings. 

What was I even talking about? 

Oh, right. It's important not to let emotional attachments to the false sense of security that larger pieces of furniture provide get in the way of living your life. Also, what's your rising sign. 

That is all. 



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