The Truth

We're reconsidering the move to Iceland.

The year that I lived there was the worst year of my life. 

Going back feels like signing up for a slow suicide. 

Moving there feels like signing up for bullying, violence, isolation, poverty, and misery. For me and for my girl. 

And honestly, what for? The most anyone who lives there has talked to me in the past seven years since we left has been just like... The one family member I have who's been helping me figure out what I could do for a career over there. No one else even reaches out. What am I thinking?

I never even saw my own family when I lived there, except for like I think one gathering the they had and I was able to make it to. 

I would be alone and unhappy with no relief short of a ticket or out of there in sight. 

Why should I spend all this money to do that?


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