A berdreymin is a person who has prophetic dreams. I occasionally do. I can tell which ones are messages and which ones are just silly, so I write down the message ones. The thing is, I don't know when they'll come to pass, just that they will in some way.

I had one dream several months ago, I can't remember when exactly and my dream journal is in the other room... But it was last year. I want to say summer, because my Greek friend was still pregnant. 

The dream opened with three other women and myself, all of us dressed in white clothes, standing on a tall grassy hillside or cliff, overlooking a beautiful view from very high up. There were beams of sunlight breaking through clouds on the landscape below. The grass was very green and thick and lush, and the weather was nice. We all felt like we had just survived something very intense that felt like a war. We couldn't believe we were alive. We were at some kind of campground with a bunch of people and we all had that same feeling, that we couldn't believe we had survived this thing that had happened. We were shocked and celebratory and relieved. 

The scene switched and it was nighttime on the campground. The four of us friends were standing around, and we noticed two small groups of people run by. One was a Greek wedding and the other was a Jewish wedding. People all around who had survived decided to just hurry up and do these things while they were still alive. One of the women with me had had a baby, a little boy. I said, "Hey, those people have a Greek Orthodox priest, don't you want to just go ahead and baptize the baby now, since we can?" She said yes, and then had to choose a godmother. The other two women extended their arms to take him, I held back because I figured she wouldn't pick me. But she turned to me and handed me the baby and asked me to be his godmother. I took him in my arms and was filled with joy. Apparently he and I had been through a lot, and I had helped at his birth or something along those lines. (Later, my Greek friend who was pregnant at the time I had this dream, gave birth to a boy who had some very high-risk health issues that required almost immediate surgery, etc, and he survived. So that's pretty cool, although I'm not going to be his godmother. And now I find myself in a tight-knit group of four of us soul-sisters who are very connected at this time, going through similar spiritual experiences seemingly out of nowhere. So that is also pretty cool.)

The scene switched again, and I was hanging out in the Greek area of the campground, just sitting while people celebrated all around.

The other thing is that about a month ago, I was reading tarot cards for my mom and ended up channeling some family members who had passed on in my lifetime. I did the whole reading in Icelandic talking like, 100 miles an hour during the reading for my mom. Normally, it takes me several days of speaking Icelandic exclusively to get into that kind of a groove, and even then I stumble. It was exhilarating. They assured me that things were coming together and they told my mom and sister and I what we needed to do.

One of the things they said to my mom and myself was that there would be a natural event that would take place and affect a lot of people. It would lead to a public outcry that would force governments to change their ways, and would make housing more available to people. 

At the time, because they were my Icelandic family and telling my mom and me to move back to Iceland, I assumed that the "natural event" they were talking about was a volcanic eruption. They kept telling me it was right around the corner, they were saying that changes would be happening as soon as June. And every time I asked the voice within what I should be doing, right up until just a few weeks ago, the answer was, "Just rest now while you can." And I've felt all year that big upheavals would be coming soon, but I just couldn't see what they were. Honestly, I still can't all of them. 

I got to group video chat with my closest friends from circle, and we were talking about how a lot of us feel a big change inside during this pandemic. And we feel "called up" to shine a light in this world somehow. For me it started about three weeks ago, there's a huge transformation going on inside. If I had told myself six months ago where I would be now spiritually and emotionally, I never would have believed it. 

I used to think that most people were basically good and on the path of self-improvement and would help others as much as they were able, etc. That none of us are perfect but that we're all basically good and doing our best. But now I'm starting to think that there are a lot of people who purposefully choose to align themselves with darkness and to hurt others, control and manipulate, torment, degrade, etc. Whose hearts are devoid of love and compassion. Who may rage at injustice when people are there to hear them, but don't actually know how to be kind and gentle and loving. And that's their choice and their business... Until they mess with my soul tribe. My people are from the light, I know it because I've seen it, a time or two with my actual eyeballs, not just through a feeling or intuitive vision. And I'm not leaving any of y'all behind. You're all coming with me. We survive, and then some. We not only make it through this, but we thrive. It's not me who will help you, but if I see that you're beset on all sides by darkness (which seems to happen to the souls with the most light to offer the world, and gets worse the closer you get to freedom) then I won't stop fighting for you, praying for you, being there for you whenever you need me. That much I promise you. 

Also, I'm seeing more and more ways that I've been messed up and hypocritical in the past. Craving forgiveness and forgiving myself as I become aware. When you know better, you do better. And beyond that, I'm realizing that if I have been born into the very fortunate and privileged life that I was, with a measure of intelligence, consciousness, a bit of a warrior's spirit, and a desire to fight for the side of good, then I don't get to rest on my laurels in this lifetime and trust that others will take care of things. Because the ugliness in the multitudes that is rearing its ugly head, making America look more and more like Babylon, shows me that those of us who are of the light need to step the f*** up. 

I'm seriously considering law school, and I've found some relatively affordable schools, and one that isn't exactly affordable but that does offer a good deal of financial help to people who go on to practice public interest law (which I want to do) in... of all places... Portland, Oregon. (What?! I know. You can't make this stuff up.)

It's a huge time investment and even huger financial investment, so I need to think it through carefully. But I listen to the small, still voice within, it never steers me wrong. Wherever I am guided to go, I'll go. Whatever I am guided to do, I'll do.

I'll say one thing for the "food" in the Pacific Northwest, it's a good thing I already learned how to make tortillas and carnitas. If I can conquer al pastor and the same type of salsa they have at Veracruz Tacos, I will consider leaving Tejas, despite the rain and awful weather. I don't think the next place is the place I'll stay forever (is there even a place I'll stay forever?) but it's the next stop on the map. 

Anyway. Hang in there. Stay home. Stay gold. 


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