It's All Greek To Me

Wow, it's only Wednesday. I've got circle tonight and I am friggin' gasping til I get there. My tiny little Greek who is preggo went to the hospital twice because she's got some health stuff going on that causes her a lot of pain, and that happened right after a close to me person told me about dumping her boyfriend whose vibes are so bad that just hearing the story sent me into a bad vibes tailspin for like two full days (I was not prepared). Normally the Greek is my rock so when she had to go to the hospital when I was already battling gross spirits or whatever the heck glommed onto my aura, I was like, "Nooooo!" I kept getting signs that things were going to be okay but I couldn't feel it (typical bad vibes bullsh*t). Then every time I was like, okay what would Greekie do, I'd start crying because I thought of her all tiny and small (she's like, really short) in the hospital again and I got freaked out. Then I remembered that her (equally short, her whole family's short) mom says, in Greek, "Βλέπω? Ο Θεός σας στέλνει σημάδια!" ("See? God sends you signs!" I don't really read Greek, I used google translate.) And just then I looked at a car right by me that had a vanity license plate that was blue and it said, "BLUEYE" like blue eye and that made me think of this:
So then I was like, omg okay she's going to be okay. She texted me a few minutes later and today she's going home from the hospital so I'm like... feeling much better. 

When we were kids, her parents made the parents from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" look like Ward and June Cleaver and I'm not kidding.

Those other bad vibes are on their way out, but they're sticky. Bad vibes always are. It's super annoying. My dead friend was a lot like me but he was raised by Pentecostal preachers, and he used to tell me stories about exorcisms he witnessed as a kid that traumatized the poop out of him. Like he saw a woman who was being restrained by his dad holding down one arm and his giant uncle holding down her other, and she flung his giant uncle across the room with one arm. He hit the wall with a thud. And he heard the voice. Like... The. Voice. 

That one.
I think he had become an atheist by the time he died, but he was always very mystical. He had a ton of books, and was into the occult and stuff, but he wouldn't let me look at all of them. He told me once, "You shine pretty bright, and that will attract... bad... things. And the more you know about dark stuff the more you'll draw it to you." (He had a deliberate way of talking with lots of pauses.) So sometimes I'd poke around his bookshelf when he wasn't looking and if I was in the "dark stuff" section he'd call from across the room, "Get outta there, you!" And I'd be all, "I wasn't even doing anything! Shut up! You used to be cool." 

However, credit where it's due, he also told me to stay away from voodoo and he totally turned out to be right. He always said, "You need to stay as far away from The Swamp as you possibly can. You better not EVER touch voodoo." And once again I was like, "Pssh you just don't want me to have any fun," and he was like, "NO." Then I had another friend in LA start to tell me a story about a voodoo lady who gave him a mini-reading and then something spooky happened afterwards. He was like, "I'm not really supposed to tell anyone, but I'll tell you." And I was like, "Wait! Did the voodoo lady tell you not to tell anyone?" And he said yes. And I was like, "OH MY GOD DON'T TELL ME!" 

Then I finished my cocktail and was like, "Ah come AHN just TELL ME it's FINE." But he gave me a speech about how it's a balanced religion and you can't just take the light and leave the dark and he didn't want to jack up my spirit by telling me the story.

Many years later I like briefly dabbled BARELY and it totally jacked. Me. The. Eff. Up. 

So they were both right and I'll never ever do it again. Ever. I mean I'm totally still going to Louisiana because I want to go on the haunted tours and I want to eat delicious food and try beignets from that famous place that does the beignets, but I'm not going into any voodoo shops. Nope. Not me. No, ma'am. 

I even stopped doing mantras. No disrespect because it was really nice for a while, but it's another thing that just started getting in the way. I feel like any time I try anything like that it ends up obscuring my access to my inner guidance. It's like, the rules and guidelines start to get in the way and then I can't feel the inner light anymore and it takes a while to get everything flowing like normal again, so it's not worth it anymore. I'm on my own path for whatever reason, and anything else just ends up steering me off of it somehow. I dunno.

The exceptions are like, Native American spirituality (because honestly I feel like that's just essential Earthling spirituality that is so connected to the land and pure) and good old "Jesus 'El Saviorrrrrrr' Christ."

        Start from 28 seconds the link didn't copy right. 

I'm not gonna join a cult or anything, I'm just saying he's consistently nice, he's fun at parties, he's non-judgmental, he's all about treating women as equals and telling off hypocrites, and bad spirits are super scared of him. That's been my experience, at least. 

"Dear Everyone, How about stop being huge a-holes to each other? Hm? Ever think of that? No? That's what I thought. Word is bond, J-Dawg."

And obviously I still believe in fairies and the spirit world and shamanism and everything. I don't even feel like that counts as "believing" in something. Like, I've met them. I know they're there.  I don't have to believe. Am I crazy? Perhaps, but who cares. I come from a long line of psychics and soothsayers and the like. I don't think it conflicts, it's just something I was born with. 

I used to have a friend who was exactly like Nicole Kidman's character in this movie and she was actually really annoying.
Even my Mormon friend told me that they believe that people who have passed over can visit us in dreams with messages, for crying out loud. (She told me that when I was worried about offending her as I had a message for her from a dream of one of her relatives who had passed. I don't know why they pick me, I think I have a little blinking radio signal above my head that deceased people and unborn babies can see, because they keep using my dreams as their personal email.) So anyway. If any of that makes the occasional republican preacher uncomfortable, that's not my problem, they're just scared of women in general. 

Anyway, for me, whenever anybody gives me bad vibes, (and they do like, kind of a lot) I know what consistently works in getting rid of them. 

A pinch of Mountain Dew doesn't hurt while you're at it.

A lot of women in circle and reiki healers I know have him as a guide, and it's usually pretty surprising like, "Um, I'm fully pagan, what are you doing here?" and he's like, "Did the Bear Periods guy tell you I was mean? Sorry about him." So whatever. We're fine. 

And now the small Greek is mostly fine, too, so I'm thinking that probably a little drum circle and a sea salt bath should take care of the rest. 

                                  Just for shits and giggles.


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