Hot August Nights, It's All Right

Had such a great Friday night at the best gay club in town and my two favorite bars with two of my favorite "boi friendz." (They're gay.) Galavanting around town, channeling my inner Stevie Nicks, and cutting loose was so much fun. The drama, the intrigue, the hot goss(ip), and being on the arm of two charmers-who-will-never-assault-me was just what this girl needed. If I get a night like that once every month or so, I'll be sound as a pound.

I'm working on my teacher certification stuff now. I have to study my balls off to take the exam so I can start applying for jobs. It will likely take a while to get hired, like after the school year starts, but that's all right. Keeping my eyes on the prize.

I'm working towards my financial independence. And I'd still like to go live and teach in Europe sometime. It can feel like time is running out on this planet, like it's fully melting now, and I want to travel again before it does. I'm here and when I tell my ego to zip it and just let me live, I still feel that golden, beautiful love in my heart. Everything will come together in the perfect time and place. As Heather says, "You are perfect, whole, and complete, and you lack nothing."

She's right, of course. And her mom taught her that, so great job, Heather's mom.

My "Chicago mom" taught me some things about Kabbalah, and they have a lot of teachings about soulmates, it's really interesting how much thought these ancient mystics, who kind of nailed String Theory and the Big Bang thousands of years ago, put into those concepts. They can reflect two people coming together and also your own inner spiritual work. Search "Kabbalah and soulmates" sometime and you'll see what I mean. They have all of these, "If this, then that," structured ideas around it. It gets really complicated. 

I do think we have a soul tribe, and I'm also a romantic and feel like we can have the one special one too. But I think we're supposed to get to the part where you can relax and go, "Oh hey, holy s**t, it's you. You're looking well. Yeah, let's hang out," without fear. Then it all falls into place.

It sounds simple but it's so difficult because most of us have experienced, like, a lot of pain and betrayal and misunderstandings here on Earth. So emotionally "unclenching" and breathing without going to far the other way and getting dismissive and cruel (which is just more fear) is the hardest part. But I know it can be done, and it can be sustained, and it can be beautiful. That's the dance. That's love. 

Incidentally, a bunch of planets just went direct, including Jupiter. So Jupiter is the great big planet of goodness and making things grow. It's been retrograde for 12 years. Many of us will go, "Oooommmmmggggggg it all makes sense now." I am one of those people, haha. So there are many of us (hi soul tribe, I see y'all) who have been walking through the underworld for this whole time going, "Um... What?!" are now climbing out of the ground, spitting out a mouthful of dirt, and are stronger and wiser for the experience.

The last week or two might have been like one last hurrah of (possibly painful) self-discovery. 

But now we can breathe again and move forward in the light, armed with a lot of knowledge. 

So, like, holy s**t you guys, hi. You're all looking well. Yeah, totally, let's hang out. That sounds fun.

Blurred to protect the identities of the fabulous. Only a small amount of tequila was harmed in the taking of this pic.


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