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I'm the prize

I haven't been writing here as much lately. I guess it hasn't been that long, but it felt like it. It's just that I've been feeling... really good. I've found my way to a new-to-me way of thinking and feeling and being. I guess it's not that new, but it's all come together, clicked, gelled, however you want to say it, and it's working for me now. The other day I did a little searching and I found out that you can buy a backyard ferris wheel, and I posted about my dream yard on social media. Now whenever there's a lull, I see myself riding in my ferris wheel eating cotton candy with a contented smile on my face, and it makes me feel so good inside.  I have come so far from where I've been, and it's been such a wild journey. I've started thinking back to times not so long ago when I was really struggling, and I send myself a hug through time. "Come on," I whisper. "It gets better. Keep going." Everything just feels diff

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