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Mama I’m Coming Home

I just woke up from a dream where I was living in a weird alternate universe where people had to sacrifice body parts to a giant grizzly bear monster if we made certain people in charge (not sure who) angry. But finger nails counted. So I was hiding behind a couch while an older woman who had agreed to the system yelled at me for not fully participating while she extolled the virtues of this monster that was basically chewing her foot off. I flicked a fingernail at it then basically jumped down flight after flight of stairs as it chased me. At the same time it wanted to destroy me, it was impressed by my ability to flee. I made it out. The gate to the house had a rabbit on it. So of course I made it out. ;) What on earth made me dream a dream like that? Maybe it was because I took allergy medicine right before bed. Anyway. If you want to wake up feeling good, roll over in your bed and push play on the Lester Bangs playlist that the Creem Magazine Spotify account put out the other day.

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